What do you mean?

Some people think proofreading is an easy job. Yup, that's what we thought too. Until we came across the kind of writing such as the one below.

Imagine having to proofread and edit a research paper with this kind of writing and what's more exasperating is when the student expects us to proofread and edit it urgently!

(for the sake of protecting the privacy of the relevant parties some actual terms/names in the original paper have been replaced with fictitious terms/names. All fictitious terms/names are in italics.)

Wateveritiz not only come out without types for describe any situation. Wateveritizs have two types according Wateveritiz in action and Wateveritiz on action. Implement of all Wateveritiz depend on situation it means, different situation and different Wateveritiz. Wateveritiz in action means on site situation we be there at the time. We involve using observation of analysis, some time listening or touching and feeling to settle the problem. The clinical reasoning take of part when Wateveritiz differs is that the problem solving. As a doerofwateva, method of problem solving is lead to change doerofwateva’s view of values, beliefs and self. Any judgment to solve the problem must more focus to build up a new perspective. In another words Wateveritiz in action it is happening on the spot, this is types of Wateveritiz often appears very intuitive. Develop the skill of Wateveritiz in action including skill associated with the development of expert practice. Wateveritiz on action is more to recall back from the situation. Time is very important demand on commitment something that is often a challenge because of that; this is reason for professional development. Dott and Mott (2999) stated routine practice more to advantage of being easy to operate in practice, Wateveritiz on action make professional and personal knowledge having improvement.

So how do we deal with such atrocious writing?

To keep our sanity in check, we might outright refuse to take the job,


we might relent a little and agree to re-write it to make it readable and easily understood.

Well, after all, it has always been our aim to express it right, loud and clear.

To make this possible, though, we require the writer to explain the message he/she wants to convey before we can proceed further to do a major repair on their writing.

Naturally, it will cost the writer more for us to work on their paper if we agree to take on the job.

It explains why we have to charge at a much higher rate for documents that are initially thought to involve normal proofreading/editing but turns out they require heavy editing and rephrasing.