No, we use no paraphrasing software

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In paraphrasing, is using a software useful to do the job well?

Not necessarily. 

The following short example would suffice in explaining why we opt not to use any paraphrasing software or tool.

Text Before:
Few would argue these days that quantitative studies of nearly any aspect of educational practice represent the final word, but there has been a tendency to relegate to the periphery these kinds of evidence when questions of the effectiveness of distance education (DE) and online learning OL) arise.
[48 words] 

Text After:
Few would contend nowadays that quantitative investigations of almost any part of instructive practice speak to the last word, yet there has been an inclination to consign to the outskirts these sorts of confirmation when inquiries of the viability of separation training (DE) and web based learning OL) emerge.
[49 words]

^Paraphrasing by an online paraphrasing tool^.

Many are inclined to disregard the generally accepted proof that shows quantitative studies on most elements of educational practice produce fairly conclusive result when comparing the efficacy of distance education (DE) and online learning (OL).
[35 words]

If it's not already obvious, we don’t use paraphrasing software because we believe paraphrased text spewed out by a machine is not as well processed as the one produced by a human.

When we paraphrase we don’t simply substitute a word or term with its synonym. Or turn a clause from its active form into its passive form and vice versa. We do more than that. 

That is why we need more time to give a paraphrasing job the care and attention it deserves. We need ample time to go over the text, give it a thorough read-through, most times repeatedly, to get to the essence of the text and digest its meaning.  

It is a necessary step before we churn out a rephrased version of the text, rewritten in our own way to minimise any similarities with the source text and yet still conveys the message as initially intended.

If you could appreciate the extent that we are willing to go to in accomplishing this you would understand why we need more time to complete our job. 

And you would also understand why the rate for paraphrasing is normally double that of proofreading rate.

Our aim is not only to complete the job by the deadline but most of all we want to ensure that we also do it well.

A job well done delivered on time makes our customers happy. And that is what counts.

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