Stop trying too hard, your readers will thank you.

In your attempt to sound academic, sometimes you make your writing worse.

Instead of presenting your ideas and arguments clearly, you go in a roundabout way and whatever you want to say got lost in all that jargons and cryptic writing.

It doesn’t do you or anybody else any good to write in such way.

Least of all, impress your supervisor or examiner by writing in your own roundabout way.

Do that and you can be assured of big red marks on your paper with this scribbled on your thesis what are you talking about!???

For example, what are you trying to say here anyway?

The remarks made by the author was beyond the comprehensive nature of the philosophical study undergraduates doing the socio-human fit analysis that another literature was put in application for the study.

Sounds intelligent and academic due to the big words, right?

Ekk! Wrong!

Far from impressing your examiners or supervisors, all you do is make them avoid reading your thesis. 

In your attempt at sounding academic, all you manage to do is give your target audience wrinkles as they scrunch up their face while racking their brain to figure out what your actual message is behind all those fancy, swirly phrases. (urgh!) 

In doing so, you also manage to waste their time. And we know how they can’t afford to waste even a small fraction of their time.

So, if you have a penchant for writing in a twisty curly manner, please stop right away.

Why don’t you just write what you mean straight to the point?

Do not mince your words. Just say it as it is. Your readers will thank you for it.

The sample above could be rewritten as follows to make it clear and easily understood:

The philosophy students performing the socio-human fit analysis could not understand the author's remarks in the first literature. Thus, they had to use a different literature for the study.

Isn't that much better? It's concise and direct to the point.

Writing in a straightforward manner helps save others from headache and distress caused by a convoluted writing. (See, we're showing off here by using a bombastic or big word, convoluted.)

You need to only make small changes to make your thesis worth reading.

But if you have no idea how to do it yourself, help is always within reach. 

Rather than risk a failing grade due to poor writing, consult a professional to give you a helping hand. 

Be it for business or for academic success, you stand to gain so much more if only you are willing to sacrifice a little.