5 Reasons Why Proofreading Your Marketing Content Is Important

Why is proofreading important for your marketing content?

When writing, you're bound to make mistakes.

Whether your written work is for business or academia, if it is riddled with mistakes it may cost you more than you bargained for.

These are how errors in your marketing text can hurt your business:

1. It shows that you lack professionalism

Mistakes in your written content can make you look unprofessional. It shows that either you don’t care for your work or you have no authority on the topic under discussion.

The sloppy and unprofessional style of communicating reflects badly on your business. It indirectly represents the quality of the products or services you have to offer, which translates to a lack of quality and specific standard.

In a poll by global lingo on 1000 adults in the UK, it was unveiled that 3 out of 4 website visitors noticed the spelling and grammar quality of an online text.

Of these, about 3 out of 5 people would lose interest in what the website’s selling. 

When your business is deemed unprofessional, you may see a decline in sales and eventually, a loss of business if you let it slide as your prospects decide to look elsewhere and buy from your competitors instead.

2. You may lose credibility

An unprofessionally written content gives off negative vibes: that you lack pride in your work and lack confidence. 

Don't be surprised such poorly communicated text will immediately turn your readers off and they will skip reading your message entirely.

Once you've lost your readers' trust and respect, you can bet your bottom dollar that you'll lose any prospects of securing any business from them.

Thus, you'll be on the losing end as your readers look elsewhere to a business that they deem has more credibility. 

For a better understanding of this, let's look at these two scenarios,

Scenario 1:
Here is an email purportedly from Apple,
“We will disable your Apple ID if we not hear you in 24 hours !!”

Now, does that sound like what somebody in Apple would send out?
The grammar is so off that you know immediately the email is not to be trusted.

A megacorp like Apple couldn't have been so cheap that they'd let silly mistakes like this reach their customers, could they?

Such poorly worded text would only have come from a source that doesn't deserve your trust at all. In fact, it's
 a tell-tale sign that the message is probably from scammers.

Now you don't want to make the same impression on your prospects, do you?

Scenario 2:
A face cream product description reads: “Application cream ever ready to give good effect.”

From reading the description label alone you will instantly abandon any thoughts of using the face cream. If you’re like most people, you would stay away from any products under the same brand too. Somehow that little label makes you doubt the brand and what it represents.

For all you know, the product may have been manufactured in the backyard of a house using unhygienic utensils. Thus, producing substandard products that may harm your skin and possibly your health too.

Either way, such flawed marketing text spells the end of a business deal before it even begins.

If you want to avoid your brand from losing credibility, don't skimp. Pay a proofreader to get your text cleared of mistakes before it reaches your readers. 

3. It may insult your readers’ intelligence

When publishing written contents that are filled with avoidable errors, you should rethink the kind of messages that reach your target audience. 

You may come off sounding like you think they know no better and that they are not perceptive enough to detect errors in your content. 

That’s not painting a pretty picture about your business, is it? 

You may not be intentionally talking down to them but sloppy messages do tend to produce such effect. 

And when your readers sense that you are insulting them, they will leave and would rather look to other providers of similar products or services who they deem more appealing.

Then if that's the case, adios amigos! There's a good chance that they will never come back.

4. You may become the butt of jokes

Then there are mistakes which become hilarious due to missing commas or misplaced punctuation or even a wrong word.

I once had a clerical staff typed out a letter to a law firm. Once the letter was done I sent the letter out without bothering to check for errors. 

It didn't occur to me that the word ‘liaise’ she was supposed to type out was spelled as ‘lie ass’ instead.

Suffice to say it wasn’t long before my letter made its round in the lawyer's office and my letter became the butt of jokes.

No doubt, you wouldn't want to leave behind such impression in your last professional dealings with others.

Especially not in a business environment. Such mortifying mistakes may hurt your chances of getting more business as your customers or prospects would stop taking your business seriously.

Unless of course, you're in the business of making people laugh, then, by all means, get on with it to your heart's content.

Otherwise, you'd better get your marketing contents professionally proofread before releasing them to your readers.

5. It may tarnish your business’ reputation

Losing sales won’t be the only casualty as a result of poorly written promotional materials. Your business may also lose its reputation as the trusted brand that customers want to be associated with.

Unproofread piece sends the wrong impression to your target audience. Poorly conveyed text not only gives the impression that you’re past caring about how your brand speaks to them but it also equates to poor quality products or services.

Even though that may not be true. But that is the kind of impression your business makes when your marketing materials are filled with errors. Errors which could have been avoided if you had them proofread.

Thus, in order to effectively reach out to your audience, you have no choice but to get your message out right, loud and clear. No grammar mistakes, no double meanings and no fluff.

It pays to invest a little to get your business materials proofread. Besides, business text costs less to edit than technical paper normally filled with jargons and convoluted sentences.

There's no dearth of proofreaders on the market. In fact, their number grows day by day. Some proofreaders even offer samples so that you can gauge which proofreader best suits your editorial needs.

And there are proofreaders for hire who work remotely. All you have to do is find the right one to do the job right.