A Journey Into Words

This is a journey into words

Mistakes are notdone
They are ‘made

So you should say,
“I have made a mistake” or “Don’t make any mistakes

And not
“I have done a mistake” or “Don’t do any mistakes

But you can say
“I did it by mistake” or “Don’t do it by mistake

Same with ‘alphabet’ vs ‘letter
Yeah, we know, we know
Referring to ‘e’ or ‘b’ or ‘t’ as an alphabet
sounds so much cooler

But it’s out-and-out wrong
Whether it’s a ‘t’, an ‘x’, a ‘b’ or a ‘z
Each of this is called a LETTER

What, are u serious?
Yup, am dead serious.

An ALPHABET is the complete set
of those letters
26 letters overall in the English Alphabet